Making a Better Place for Our World

The world,

Our home,

The plant where we were born and raised to see it’s nature development of the human society.

We all know this, nothing is really perfect, like yeah we made some few mistakes here and there. We argued, protested and caused war, but no need to focus on that right now, well if you want to, but there are a few things that could help our home a slightly more better.

  1. Take Care of Nature: Our home was created by trees, grass, flowers and more natural plants for us to see. Plants continue to grow and create more plants that helps us make food or medicine. Yet, we must keep it all protect for the most important part of our environment is the gift of fresh oxygen to breath in.
  2. The Three R’s: Now to help your surrounding stay green and clean you can use the three R’s, reduce, reuse, and recycle. The earth is our home and we would like to keep it safe and clean, in order to proceed to keep earth clean is by picking up trash or recycle for anymore messes. By recycling plastic, glass, cans, and cardboard, these kind of items could be used again for more products so that we could stop continuing to make more than what we have than wasting even more.
  3. Pollution: Cars maybe the new way to travel around places in faster paces, but most cars contain gas or some  molecules that creates pollution into the air and atmosphere. To stop even the slightest release of pollution is by riding a bike, walking, or anything that doesn’t create any bad gas. By riding bikes, walking or any other foot transportation can help you get more exercise for you legs and burn calories.
  4. Keep the Ocean Clean: Along with “The Three R’s” and “Pollution,” keeping the ocean environment is just as important as the soil environment. To keep the ocean environment safe, the most we can do is clean the beach to prevent trash going into the sea and not throwing in any toxic or another liquids into the sea. If these kind of items get to a sea, there’s a possible chance of that a creature will be killed that follows to extinction.
  5. Seek the Happiness (Something for your world): You may or may not have a good life, but look around in what you have now. See the things that made you happy or glad to met. It could be your pet, your friends, a family member and just the littlest thing you have in memory, objects or feeling. Appreciate the life you have because you’ll never get a chance to come back to the same feeling of happiness. One day, you may have a bad day and just want to be alone, I know it’s hard to remove that feeling and continue being calm and happy, but everybody has emotions. Remember take a breath and accept the gift/offer to anything that will give a weak smile to your face. Give happiness to other which will spread along to others.



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